What is Fold2Frame®

Fold2Frame® is a unique foldable picture frame made from paper board. It’s innovative design uses just 4 easy steps to create a frame.

Fold2Frame® is protected by patent #10111541 B2 / #3056119 / #I590789 (All right reserved.)

Fold2Frame® is lightweight and ideal for mailing without the hassle of conventional picture frames. It is applicable for any size from small desktop to large wall hung frames.

Fold2Frame® is packed in flat for mailing and easy to carry. Frame and picture (or art design) is printed on same sheet of paper. It’s a cost effective product.

Fold2Frame® is a unique and innovative way to frame a picture or an art design.

  • Wide range of sizes available (all sizes applicable).
  • Send by post in flat with included envelop.
  • Greeting message is printed on back like greeting cards.
  • Space available for personal message on backing card.
  • Quick, tool-free assembly.
  • 100% Recyclable.
  • Easy 4 step assembly, no glue, no mess!
  • Pre-cut punch hole for hanging on wall in portrait or landscape orientation.
  • Paper Stand for display on desk.
Fold2Frame® categories:
4 easy steps to create a frame.
Greeting Fold2Frame® Delight friends and loved one on their special day like greeting cards.
Decor Fold2Frame® Make your interior decoration with simple, funny and easy way.
Photo Fold2Frame® Hold your memorable photos to hang on wall or display on desk.